What does vertical farming high in the sky look like? What are top strategies of farmers in Australia, Vietnam and the Netherlands? Why is digital farming crucial for the future of agriculture?

For Bayer’s agricultural publication Farming’s Future, we investigated these questions by interviewing savvy farming experts. We have new insights into the best farming strategies. As an example, we visited a farmer in the Netherlands, who showed us his sustainable farming techniques – including keepings bees. Via our scrollytelling-story ‘The Green Heart’, you can explore this and many more of his diverse strategies.

One extraordinary cultivation strategy revolves around urban farming. In ‘The Rise of the Vertical Farm’, we explore urban farms in Singapore and Germany that are providing local, sustainably grown fresh produce. And our scrollytelling-story, Missions Possible, illustrates how farmers around the globe manage unusual farming conditions: whether under water or under the desert sun, farming takes places even in the most unlikely and inhospitable of places.

As digital farming is playing a central role in agriculture, Bayer has opened Hypercare Farms in Germany, Canada and the United States to monitor crops with high precision tools. Our article ‘Hyper Care for Healthy Crops’ explains how high tech works on the fields of Bayer’s Hyper Care farms. This issue’s cover story, ‘Cultivating White Gold’, illustrates how Vietnamese farmers face serious challenges, such as the strongest drought in 100 years, with intelligent strategies. In a story from Australia, A Twelve-Months A Year-Business, we feature a vegetable farming couple in Queensland who also apply clever approaches to counteract volatile weather conditions. The result: they are able to produce crops twelve months a year.

Here you can order and download the current as well as previous Farming’s Future editions. Also, you can read all stories online. Enjoy!

Katrin Schmidt