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Excellent storytelling for healthcare, life sciences and technology

Storytelling and content marketing aren’t new to us. TransQUER’s experienced team knows that our clients’ target groups appreciate content that informs, educates and entertains. So grab their interest. Tell them your stories. Get them excited.

This is where we start: We combine high-quality journalism with innovative marketing methods. We create content-driven communication strategies aligned with your corporate goals. From idea to performance management, we stand for genuine communication that is based on unique scripts, and we always provide high user value for your target group. Your customers get the information they need and the emotion they want.

We develop and launch content marketing projects in the areas of healthcare, life sciences and technology – with the highest level of subject expertise, a holistic strategy, efficient and flexible processes and a customized design. We create editorial content for print, digital and social media, from opulent feature articles to tweets, from video interviews to infographics.

This is how we help you develop and write your company’s success story. We’ll help you put it into words. And pictures. And videos. And more.

Do you have a project in mind? We’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk.


Regina Becker-Kömpf

Managing Director

Personnel management and finance are Regina’s focus in managing transQUER GmbH. She has more than 25 years of experience in administration, personnel management and controlling for the public sector. At the same time, in her private life she has long-managed a successful family business. In her second career, she steers the economic skills of the transQUER creative team with objectivity, calm and vision.

Lars Conradi

Content Creation & Campaigning

Need to convey complex relationships in a vivid way? That’s no problem for Lars, who has degrees in both German and English-language studies. As a student, he was fascinated with juggling with words and sentences. Running his own company, he sharpened his creative skills as an editor and concept developer, especially in digital patient communication. Today with tQ, this editor for health and science is inspired by the merger of journalism and marketing, the interaction of SEO-optimized content and, always, the creation of exciting narrative.

Benjamin Eberhardt

Content Creation & Campaigning

Coming directly from the research lab to transQUER, this biologist accompanies a wide range of life-sciences companies. He works in tandem with each firm to develop a unique content strategy. The natural scientist’s imagination shines in his fascinating stories for our customers’ print and online media. And his creativity also comes alive in workshops and digital marketing concepts. Because he knows that even the best story is only useful when it reaches the target group and contributes to the success of the company.

Dr. Caroline Feuerstacke

Content Creation & Campaigning

The biologist knows exactly which topics interest professionals in healthcare and life sciences. Thanks to her background as a pharmaceutical representative and project manager, Caroline knows hospitals from the inside out. She can also speak convincingly with expert audiences on the quality and effectiveness of medical products. Today, she translates her enthusiasm for communication into clever marketing concepts, and meets the needs of the target group with technically sound content

Dr. Chiara Gentilini

Content Creation & Campaigning

How do complex systems in the human body work – and why? These are some of the questions that drive this experienced physician’s research, and which have motivated many of her publications in medicine. Born in Trento, Italy, Dr. Chiara Gentilini studied medicine in Austria (University of Innsbruck), and completed her medical training at the University of Leipzig and at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin. She speaks five languages fluently: German, English, Italian, French ¬– and science. Her fields of expertise include hematology, stem cell transplantation and immunotherapies. With a great thirst for research and a hunger for knowledge, she’s driven to create optimal content.

Michael Kömpf

Founder and Managing Director

The experienced journalist founded the agency “wissen + konzepte” in 2005 – today a division of transQUER GmbH. Michael Koempf has sound knowledge of natural science and technology, as well as extensive experience in the media and marketing sectors. Thanks to his nearly 20 years of experience in business, publishing, public relations and marketing, he unites the myriad of areas that are necessary for professional innovation communication – across all sectors.

Kim Kathrin Leidig

Head of Content Marketing

With a degree in German, and multimedia training, Kim Kathrin Leidig is fascinated by the diversity of natural sciences. Literature and cultural sciences are her fields of expertise – and language and communication her tools. With great enthusiasm, she transforms complex life-science topics including nutrition, health, nature and medicine into intelligent texts and lively concepts. Whether in German or English, she maneuvers elegantly through the worlds of print, online media, social media and video.

Maren Michel

Content Creation & Campaigning

As a writer for film, television, and media, Maren Michel brings expertise in building stories for professional purposes. She’s skilled at adapting message to medium whether the story uses two words or two thousand – and she’ll find every misplaced comma while she’s at it. Originally from Los Angeles, California, her focus is transforming ideas into strategic storytelling for both local and international audiences.

Sybille Möckl

Content Creation & Campaigning

This graduate of biology wholly subscribes to the logical explanations that science strives for. Sybille Moeckl believes that the perfect story has to be exciting, yet at the same time, conveying everything worth knowing in an easily digestible .form. For this trained journalist, who has worked for various media companies, there is not ONE format – she thinks and works in multimedia formats. Whether texts, infographics or animations, she tells stories in countless ways, employing all possible creative storytelling avenues for print and online publications.

Clara Stark

Content Creation & Campaigning

As a trained editor and molecular physician, Clara Stark writes exciting magazine stories, concise web texts and thoroughly researched speeches and press releases all with the same high quality. This science journalist has an extensive network within the research community, and always has her finger on the pulse of the latest developments in medicine, health and biotechnology.

Dr. Caroline Zörlein

Content Creation & Campaigning

This science journalist with a PhD in chemistry works for corporate publishing magazines, and writes for general media. Caroline Zoerlein also manages our “Young Content” area, where she reports on current-interest topics arising from research, technology and medicine. For the youth audience, she creates exciting, educational and age-appropriate material.