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Audience Development

With the information overload of today’s World Wide Web, getting through to your target group seems like a mammoth task. In the midst of splashy images, flickering GIFs and super-fast videos, you – and all of your competitors – jostle online for the attention of your audience. Meanwhile, their attention span is so overloaded with advertising messages that they are barely aware of traditional advertising, for example, via online banners.
The key question: How can you effectively reach your target groups with your messages in this environment?

Do you still advertise, or do you inform?

Your audience notices and takes in your content only if it is useful or entertaining. This applies to articles as well as podcasts, infographics and videos. This is particularly true for content from companies in the fields of healthcare, technology and life sciences. After all, they are faced with the challenging task of presenting topics that require a great deal of explanation to their target groups. For this to succeed, they must consider the context that users and readers consume content, whether it’s on a mobile phone, on their way to work; on a monitor in the office, or via a tablet at home on the couch.

Tailor-made content for your audience personas

This is where we come in: Our healthcare, technology and life sciences journalists and digital strategists know the needs of your target groups. We follow the trends and the topics in your industry that move your target groups. Whether it’s articles, videos, GIFs, infographics, slideshows or whitepapers, we know which channels, methods and content formats will best reach your target groups. To help us customize these materials, we work with you to develop prototypes of your audience, known as ‘personas.’ This is how we support you as you accompany your website visitors and social media followers step by step along the customer journey – from their first signs of interest to the purchasing process. We call this Audience Development.

Audience Development: From prospect to customer

Audience development is a never-ending process. It’s about finding out which content your target groups are most receptive to. Topic-specific campaigns tailored to specific personas help us to achieve this. We work with you at all stages to optimize all content marketing measures based on sound data analysis. We apply these findings to future campaigns and content, and we adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly. In this way, we support you as you develop your audience – so that interested consumers become loyal customers.

Are you looking for better ways to reach your audience?

We support you with unique content with a high value for users, and targeted content marketing measures.