Agentur für Content Marketing Kampagnen in München und Gießen: transQUER


In content marketing, success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a long-term strategy that is specifically tailored to your target groups. And it needs consistency. We achieve this by setting up content hubs, such as corporate blogs, where we regularly publish content with a high value for users. Via channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or e-mail, we distribute your content – whether articles, videos or infographics – to the audience. We direct their attention to your website, so you can begin building a loyal audience.

Get maximum attention with campaigns

But that alone is not enough. To achieve maximum reach and attention for your company, its topics and contents long-term, we also generate “peaks.” These limited-time campaigns are individually designed to accompany your topics and events, and tailored to national and international markets and personas. We promote them intensively on your social media channels and via your e-mail distribution lists. By directing customized advertising to your target groups, for example, on Facebook or LinkedIn, we provide additional reach. This is how we win new followers and generate e-mail addresses, so you can further expand your audience.

Real-time event communication: Live content for your target group

Campaigns are THE instrument to attract the attention of your target groups around events such as trade fairs, conferences, product presentations or other company communication events. With live content, you can get closer to your social media followers with real time, emotional and company-relevant content.

Influencers as advocates for your company

Additionally, we bring influencers on board. We get multipliers involved in your company – and work with external experts. By distributing campaign content across their networks as well, we maximize the reach of all content marketing activities. In workshops covering all aspects of influencer marketing and social media communication, transQUER provides your multipliers with the necessary know-how, so your employees become ambassadors for your company.

Measuring and understanding success

Whether content, formats or channels – through campaigns, in just a few short weeks, it’s possible to do small-scale measurements and tests of what your personas like. We analyze the results and investigate relevant questions, including: What channels reach your target groups? Which content and formats are particularly successful? We present the results as a report, so you can optimize all content marketing activities according to your communication goals.

Are you looking for better ways to reach your audience?

We support you with unique content with a high value for users, and targeted content marketing measures.