Agentur für Content Strategien in München und Rhein-Main: transQUER

Our foundation: Content Strategy

We want to publicize our client’s areas of expertise. Our content is created to have an effect – it should convey an image, anchor reputation, stimulate conversations or trigger the need to buy. To succeed in these goals, we design individually tailored content strategies. They serve as guides for our storytelling. And they help us to tailor our content pieces and campaigns to the target audience that is truly relevant to the company’s goals.

Personas: good friends and cornerstones for our content strategy

In order to understand the needs, the attitudes and the depth of knowledge of this audience, we create personas: virtual individuals, along with their desires, who clearly represent target groups that are strategically relevant for our customers.

While personas are fictitious, they become as familiar to us as good friends. We want to tell them exciting stories, entertain them, pass on knowledge and help them along with useful content. In this way, we combine business objectives with readers’ needs to build trust, sympathy and familiarity.

Channels: how we reach the audience in a targeted way

Deep in the jungle of channels, the personas we’ve developed help us identify the precise media, platforms and contexts we can best use to reach the target audience most effectively. For this purpose, we analyze the channels where these personas can be reached at different times during the day – for example, on Facebook and LinkedIn with their smartphones during the commute to work, on the office computer through websites and blogs, or in the evening relaxing on the couch with a print magazine.

In these locations, we can then provide the audience with informative, useful and entertaining content that is suitable for the respective channel, and at the depth required in the current context.

Technology: suitable tools for your content strategy

We are here to support you when designing your website – whether technology, design or user guidance – so that our content marketing strategy can have the greatest effect. This means we closely link the website with your social media activities and tools for newsletter marketing, lead management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

In this way, transQUER offers integrated content strategies, whose success can be measured across channels. These strategies can be flexibly and individually adapted to each persona, every topic and all campaigns, and they are equipped with relevant goals and KPIs. Then we are all set for what really sets us apart: turning topics into captivating stories.

Are you at the starting blocks for content marketing?

We can support you with a well-planned content strategy to get you going.