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What is more important to people than their health? Hardly any other topic moves us more. Everyone is interested in medical topics – from doctors, pharmacists, therapists and researchers, to patients and their relatives, and onwards to journalists and policy makers. But healthcare is also a substantial business area that needs target group-oriented communication and effective marketing. As experienced journalists with medical and scientific training, we are experts in healthcare communication. transQUER is your partner for successful content marketing in the health and healthcare fields.

Everyone has different access to healthcare topics. Based on our many years of experience, we understand the individual information needs of each respective audience – and we design custom concepts that convey relevant topics from medicine and research directly and precisely to your target group.

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This is how we bring doctors, pharmacists and young scientists up to date on current research. Through themed campaigns, we help to raise awareness of medical technology companies with their target group. Pharmaceutical companies partner with us for successful image communication. And in patient communication, we help out with advice, content and how-to guides with high practical value. We assist hospitals and clinics with their public relations. From medium-sized companies to large corporations, we are familiar with the structures of healthcare, and promote communication, both externally and internally.

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We know that there are unique challenges in the healthcare sector arising from specific guidelines and oftentimes sensitive issues. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can find the right tone of voice for every target group, in all formats and on every channel. As trained journalists, we tell your stories. We hold interviews, write reports and news, shoot videos with patients and doctors, health experts and scientists. We produce video, infographics and podcasts – we will find the best way to present your topic, from its concept to development and marketing.

A special feature of healthcare communication is stories about patients and their personal struggle for health in focus. Their experience arouses emotions and attracts attention. These are “the people next door” with whom we can identify and trust – and they are increasingly becoming influencers. We always keep this influence in mind for you when it comes to storytelling.

As trained physicians and biologists, we enrich every communication concept, every campaign and each story with the right information. Because we produce carefully research-based content, we find a balance between journalistic expression and scientific accuracy every time – whether writing about popular science or technical information. Whether the topic is cancer, cardiovascular disease or arthritis, a knee brace, joint replacement, neurosurgery or tumor diagnostics – we research and become experts for you.

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We provide a package that’s specially designed and user-optimized for your healthcare communications on all channels – whether in print or digital. A tweet is as relevant to us as an article in your digital magazine or a patient brochure. We produce videos and photos, including those for your social media channels, and support you with individually tailored concepts for trade fairs and events.

Our healthcare communications services are just as diverse as the healthcare sector. Working closely together with you, we develop a strategy that suits you and your goals perfectly – because your well-being is important to us.

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