Agentur für Storytelling und Content Marketing in München und Rhein-Main: transQUER


Good stories can save lives. At least this happens in a fairy tale from “One Thousand and One Nights,” when the narrator Scheherazade captivates the sultan with her tales – so much so that he postpones her planned execution again and again as he waits for her to finish each new episode.

Stories for your business success

But good stories are also good for business. When companies tell their unique story in an enthralling and convincing way, their customers and partners will be eager to listen. Such firms convey greater expertise than the competition, and their message is more easily understood.

At TransQUER, storytelling – in other words, narrating engaging tales – is at the heart of everything we do. Our clients come to us with topics, and we turn these into unique stories. And in our storytelling, we are not bound to any specific media or channels. We create stories as texts for print and online, or as moving images for videos. We design 3D animations and presentations for our clients in the same way that producers of Netflix blockbusters do – by creating an attention-getting screenplay that builds on suspense and cliffhangers.

When we write speeches for chief executives, we also plan these story elements right from the start. Successful social media strategies need storytelling, too. Posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram are actually mini-stories that have been reduced to their essentials – if they are going to have the desired effect. Ultimately, without storytelling, communication concepts evaporate into thin air.

Stories make complex topics exciting

We want to captivate readers, viewers, and users AND inform them at the same time – we are dedicated to this goal. As experts in healthcare, life sciences and technology, we package and present even the most complex subjects as stories. These include the Crispr/Cas9 gene scissors, which could potentially repair incurable diseases; fuel cell cars, whose emissions are merely air and water that is nearly clean enough to drink; or bandages that never painfully pull your skin when peeled off.

We design stories for every target group and for all professional levels –because we know that even doctors, scientists and engineers prefer to read captivating, well-written articles rather than tedious texts.

Put us to the test:

You tell us your topic, and we tell your story.