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Anyone who wants to tell stories about fuel cells, 3D metal printers or nanotubes needs to do it with journalistic flair, and the right hook, clothed in a gripping dramaturgy. The most important tool of all is expert knowledge: Only writers who comprehend complex technology topics can convey them correctly, and talk about them in a way that inspires enthusiasm – and wins customers.

Linde Technology magazine

At transQUER, we understand journalism AND technology. As physicists, chemists and engineers, we ask the right questions – and thus lay the foundation for successful content marketing. We support and advise companies on the best ways to communicate technology topics. Our customers are chemicals industry giants, engineers of large-scale plants, develop industrial-processes solutions or manufacture glass, produce specialty chemicals or electronics.

We can draw upon our wealth of knowledge and experience to find relevant topics, to categorize them, and to embed them in a bigger context. This makes us a competent partner in technology marketing – for internal communication as well as for informing your customers. We support you in your daily press work, and organize comprehensive content marketing campaigns, design brochures for the professional community, magazines for customers or the general public; we assist with technology marketing and with attracting new recruits and young talents.

Infographic für BASF

Working in close collaboration with you, we develop all elements of multimedia storytelling, and bring this to life with the right twist for each audience – because nothing captivates people more than a well-told story. This applies to engineers, chemists and university graduates, as well as to any CEO. Whether technology firms or mid-sized companies, we develop individual content marketing concepts – for efficient, successful and enduring technology communication.

intakt. magazine for Ludwig Meister

As magazine-makers and editors, we work with a large network of translators, graphic artists, image editors, copywriters and printers to create print magazines – always in close coordination with you – from the first planning through printing. What printers produce as a magazine finds its equivalent in the digital world as a multimedia content package. This includes photos, videos, animated infographics, slideshows and expert opinions, which are now all an indispensable part of digital communication. And it is this material that forms the basis for micro-stories that we also tell on your social media channels. In this way, we establish direct contact with your audience and create value for the entire company.

Whether through Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, press roundtables or talent scouting events, we help you as a technology company make your content, products and innovations known to a wider public. We also train employees in customized and individually designed workshops, so that their moves on the social-media dance floor are sure to follow your company’s choreography.

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